Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Philips CT K2000 Visa Entry

Medical devices like Philips CT K2000 CT scanners have an internal service menu that is not available without a special access code, the service code.

It is often impossible to access service codes due to the age of the medical equipment and the complete lack of appropriate technical support.

Service menu access code

Our company has created a generator of service codes for these devices. It is able to generate an appropriate service code based on the machine identifier to be used in K2000 Visa Entry software, which will create an appropriate file allowing access to the service menu.

Our generator is able to generate service codes for the following models of CT scanners:

  • Philips K2000
  • Philips MX8000 EXP
  • Philips Precedence 6
  • Philips Brilliance 6,10,16,64 CT

We are also able to create a generator for any model that is not listed.

Learn more at our site:


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